Paul is an excellent installer and just a great guy. He is professional, knowledgeable, hard working and takes pride in his work. He put in long days and was always pleasant and accommodating.
- Al Knave

When picking a front door for your house, or any door for that matter, there are some key items to consider. Today’s technology has provided us with many different styles and designs to choose from, as well as material options to suit your needs and budget.

Most replacement doors are steel slabs with wood frames covered with vinyl cladding; they are cost effective, energy efficient and virtually maintenance free.

The newest option is fiberglass slabs which give an authentic wood look and can be stained any shade.

Our doors can be factory finished with paint or stain and offer a manufacturer's warranty on the finish.

Glass options for doors are almost endless. Your HOME TEAM® showroom has many options on display to let you pick your dream door. 

Hardware is also an important decision and many options are available with HOME TEAM® doors. Multi-point hardware provides three locking points that provides the best security for your family is recommended for all fiberglass doors and 8' high steel doors.