...must make a special note of the installer, Donny, he did the job with perfection and great attention to detail. I was really impressed with his professionalism and work ethic.
- Daniel Felstead

All products offered by the HOME TEAM® will be installed professionally by our installers. All of our installers are trained in our procedures for all types of installations and are professionals in their field.

Siding installers only install siding and window and door installers only install windows and doors. HOME TEAM® installers are professionals at what they install. For new construction, we offer full set in foam installation of windows and doors with a full warranty on workmanship. With regards to siding, our HOME TEAM® consultants have the required knowledge to recommend the proper strapping, insulation, and vapour barriers that must be installed prior to your new siding. We understand that installation is the most important factor and we guarantee quality service right down to the final installation. All of our installations are backed by a 5 year installation warranty.