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The 2021 Canadian Superbike Championship wrapped up September 17-18 at Calabogie Motorsports Park with Ben Young claiming 2nd place overall. Coming into the final two races at Calabogie, expectations were high, and Young knew it wouldn’t be an easy battle…


Ben Young continues to charge in his campaign for the 2021 Canadian Superbike title. He was crowned “King of Mosport” after walking away with Pole Position, 1st place race one, 3rd place race two and a 2nd place in race…

Andy Van Dolder Scholarship

The Andy Van Dolder Scholarship was created in honour of our late founder, father and friend, Andy Van Dolder. Andy possessed an unrivalled passion for home improvement and was known around the region for his gregarious spirit. Each year, the…

Rejuvenating Timeless Architecture with Modern Amenities

As custom exterior expert, we spend a large part of our time finishing new builds and completely transforming existing homes. But every once and a while, we’re asked to modernize a home while maintaining its existing architecture and style— exactly…

Shopping Online With The VanDolder’s Virtual Home Team

The times are changing in more ways than one. Aside from everything happening in the news nowadays, technology is changing the way we work, shop and live. From online shopping to virtual tours, more and more of the goods and…

Inaugural Andy Van Dolder Scholarship Awarded

On January 30th, 2020, the first-ever Andy Van Dolder Scholarship was awarded. The scholarship’s first deserving recipient was Leah Simon, who described receiving the award as a big help towards finishing her education. “I can now focus solely on studying,…

Maple Leaf Muskoka Cottage Transformation

The Muskoka region, in Northern Ontario is best known as the Canadian summer retreat for celebrities to enjoy their extravagant, multi-million dollar cottages. Last fall, former Toronto Maple Leaf great, Wendel Clark, approached us with the challenge of renovating his…

Capturing The Coastal Curb Appeal at Cobble Beach

At Van Dolder’s Custom Exteriors, enhancing your home’s curb appeal is what makes us tick. Harmonizing personal taste with the beauty of local surroundings is a craft— one that we’ve spent over 50 years refining. In early 2018, Van Dolder’s…

Alu-Rex Eaves

Everyone knows that eaves are essential to any home’s exterior, but many people don’t really understand their purpose, or why they’re so important! It’s key to know what role your eaves and eaves trough systems play, because they could be the difference between a rainy day and true disaster!

Longboard® Aluminum Siding and Soffit

The siding and soffit of your home play an integral role in protecting it from the elements and improving the look and beauty of your home. Siding comes in a variety of styles and substrates such as solid wood, wood composite, vinyl, fibre cement, and aluminum.

Shutters and Blinds: Dressing Your Windows

Window dressing is a tricky thing to get right. Before you begin it’s wise to seek professional advice. If you’re planning to make an investment in dressing or re-dressing your windows, it’s worth spending some time with someone who does this sort of thing on a regular basis.

10 “Beauty” Thoughts on Sunrooms

Whether you’ve created your own backyard oasis of beauty or you simply want to better enjoy the spectacular beauty of your natural surroundings, finding a way to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather is doing, only makes perfect sense. One of the best ways to bring nature into daily focus is to add a sunroom to your home.

Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Frying: Awning Up!

Does the hot sun keep you from enjoying your favourite summer spot around the house? Are you tired of drying the patio furniture on your deck after a passing shower?  The solution maybe to install a retractable awning.

Natural or Man-Made: That is The Deck Question

Spring time fires-up our desire to “get outside” and for most folks in this neck of the woods, that means hitting the deck. If you’re planning to build a new deck or re-do the deck you have, you’ve likely asked the question: which is best – composite or wood? Well, since all decks are built on a structure of treated lumber, all you really need to consider is what you’ll use for the deck surface and railings. Natural or man-made?

Choosing Your Siding: What’s Right for You?

Selecting your siding is one of the most important reno or new building decision you’ll make. What goes on the outside of your house defends your home against the elements and it’s a very important part of the wall assembly. It’s also the first thing that people see from the curb, so it’s vital to your home’s overall aesthetics.

6 Tips For An Awesome Installation Day

Congratulations! You have just booked Van Dolder’s Customer Exteriors Home Team to make your home even more beautiful and energy efficient. Whether you chose replacement windows or doors to reduce high energy bills, increase your home’s value, or improve the curb appeal, your decision has just gained you all three benefits.  So, have you thought about the day the Home Team comes to install?

New Windows & Doors Equals Energy Saving

Giving your home a new look and feel, by replacing the windows and doors with Energy Efficient models, is pretty much the smartest investment you can make. Yes, it increases your homes’ curb appeal and resale value but more importantly, it can increase your quality of life.