As custom exterior expert, we spend a large part of our time finishing new builds and completely transforming existing homes. But every once and a while, we’re asked to modernize a home while maintaining its existing architecture and style— exactly the case at this Thornbury Cape Cod home. And with the project now complete, we thought we’d take this opportunity to walk you through the homeowner’s desires and how we delivered on them. Check it out!

The Ask

Right from the start, the homeowner knew they wanted to keep the existing charm of their home. They loved the timeless Cape Cod style, but were tired of maintaining the wood siding, decking and other aspects of the home for the past 20 years. We were tasked with applying modern products and finishes to create a new, maintenance-free home that resembled the existing exterior they still very much loved. From the siding and windows to the doors, decking and railing, the homeowners wanted almost every aspect of their home’s exterior brought up to date.

Initial Tasks

Unlike other projects where the sky is often the limit when it comes to colours, products and manufacturers, our team very quickly had to narrow down options to only those that would resemble the existing character. With our shortlist in hand, we returned to the Thornbury home to get exact measurements and pictures for previews. Using the latest in 3D rendering technology, we were able to digitally recreate the home and outfit it with the real-life products we were proposing. This tool was a great asset in reassuring the homeowner that the exterior of their home would remain the same— albeit with a lot less maintenance.


The first step of this Cape Cod rejuvenation was to remove the existing windows and prep the jambs for the new windows. During the quoting process, the homeowner requested we save their interior trim and so extra precaution was taken during the removal and measuring process. Once ready for installation, our team installed Ostaco Core Plus windows with SDL Grills for maintenance-free Cape Cod styling. With that being said, the homeowners wanted a slightly more modern look to the windows and so we decided to reduce the number of squares in the grills— providing more glass and the modern appearance the homeowner requested.


The next step of this project was to replace the exterior French doors. This home is fortunate to have multiple levels of outdoor space (accessible from many rooms in the house) and so it meant that there were many sets of doors to replace. Again, we started by removing the old doors and prepping the door jambs for the new doors and then continued to install new Ostaco Fibreglass French Doors with retractable screens. The retractable screens will give the homeowners the opportunity to leave the doors open without having to worry about the burden of bugs in the warmer months.

To further enhance the multiple levels of outdoor space, we also installed Centor S1 retractable screens on the upper deck. These screens completely bugproof the space and allow it to be used no matter how buggy it may be. And with a view of the pond in their backyard, this is bound to be a go-to space now.

Returning to the front of the house, our team also installed Upward Canadian-made steel garage doors along with a Lift master side-operating jack-shaft motor to eliminate the old trolley motor— making the garage door system quieter and more reliable.


Once the doors and windows were up to date, it was time to start tackling the biggest part of this project, the siding. This was the main reason our team was hired as the homeowners were tired of maintaining the existing wood siding. Once the home had been peeled back to the sheathing, our team got started by installing 1” of Enerfoil insulation board to increase the R-factor of the home. With the home insulated and ready for its new siding, we installed Gentek Everlast PVC siding in the exact same colour and style of the wood siding we had just removed. This was capped with large white PVC trim on the corners, freeze boards and headers around the windows and doors to complete the authentic Cape Cod styling.

Decking & Railings

With so much to see right out their back door, the deck is a vital part of this home. To bring it up to date, we removed all the old deck boards and laid down new Home Team aluminum decking. Not only does this make the deck maintenance-free like the rest of the house, but it’s also seamless— providing protection from dripping water above. This means the homeowners can sit under the deck in the rain and not get wet. We also installed Gentek vinyl panels and Sagiper woodgrain soffit to warm up the underside of the deck without creating any additional maintenance.

To cap off the new deck, we also installed a Home Team aluminum railing system with glass partitions. Not only is it maintenance-free, but the glass also allows for an unobstructed view of the backyard whether you’re indoors or out.

Product Breakdown


  • Gentek Everlast PVC siding – same colour and style as original


  • Ostaco Core Plus with SDL grills

French Doors

  • Ostaco Fibreglass with SDL grills with retractable screens

Garage Doors

  • Upward Steel Insulated, Carriage style
  • Lift Master Side-operating Jack Shaft


  • Home Team aluminum decking

Railing and Columns

  • Home Team aluminum and glass railing system


  • Centor S1 retractable screens on upper deck
  • Gentek vinyl-beaded panel
  • Gentek Sagiper soffit
  • Reline PVC panels

Completed Photos

When it comes to custom exteriors, a complete transformation doesn’t always have to be the end goal. With the advancements made in today’s products it’s very possible to update your home’s exterior without altering its appearance. And with access to thousands of products from the industry’s leading suppliers, we have the know-how to deliver your desired effect on any budget. If you have any questions about the products used in this project or other products that we carry, don’t hesitate to visit our showrooms, email us or give us a call— a member of our team would be more than happy to help you.

“If It Goes On The Outside Of Your Home, You’ll Find It On The Inside Of Ours.”