Congratulations! You have just booked Van Dolder’s Customer Exteriors Home Team to make your home even more beautiful and energy efficient. Whether you chose replacement windows or doors to reduce high energy bills, increase your home’s value, or improve the curb appeal, your decision has just gained you all three benefits.  So, have you thought about the day the Home Team comes to install? You’ll likely feel better about the whole process if you take some time to prepare. Here are 6 tips to help you feel at ease and help your Home Team Installers be as efficient as possible.

Tip # 1: Clear the Way

Since the first step of the replacement process is “removing what’s old”, it is best that you move everything you are able to move on your own, away from the work area. If the items are too large for you to move on your own, your Home Team installer is always happy to lend a hand. Inside, move furniture away from window and door openings so your Home Team installers have some room to move around. Items outside your home should be cleared out of the way as well. Lighting and irrigation drip lines, lawn furniture, BBQs and any other movable equipment should be disconnected and removed from the work area.

Tip # 2: Take it Down

In addition to moving furniture, you should remove all window treatments. This means that you will need to take down your blinds, shutters, sheers and curtains. Talk to your Home Team Installer, but typically you will need to remove the treatments only. The hardware can often stay where it is. You will also need to remove wall art, decorations and items such as bird feeders near the work area inside and outside. Your installers will be moving around and might accidentally knock something down. Also, removal and installation can jostle your walls, knocking items loose. It’s best to take a little time before the Home Team arrives to remove these objects and store them somewhere safe.

Tip # 3: Cover it Up

Replacing windows and doors is only a momentary mess and exposure time is kept to a bare minimum, but it’s always wise to take the time to cover up what matters.  Your Home Team installers will put down drop cloths, keep their work area neat and tidy, and clean up when they leave. However, you can ensure that special items near the work site stay clean by covering furniture or areas nearest to the work site. Talk to your Home Team installer before taking this step, they have great ideas.

Tip # 4: Open it Up

If you will not be home on your installation day, be sure to make arrangements with your Home Team installer so they can gain access to your home in your absence.

Tip # 5: Peaceful Pets

New faces, smells and loud sounds can be stressful to some family pets while others are so ultra-friendly they are often excited to join in the fun. It’s safest for your Home Team installers and your feathered or four legged friends, to find your pets a quiet place to hang out, away from the activity, during your installation time. If they are to be on-leash outside, please ensure they are far enough away from the installation site that they are not affected by the flying debris from screws, nails or glass from window replacement.

Tip # 6: Toss it, Recycle or Re-Use

What to do with your old windows or doors: you can arrange to have them removed, picked up by Not-For-Profit agencies, drop them off at The Re-Store, have your Home Team installers take them away, or simply re-use them. Today’s hottest trend is to make garden decorations and small greenhouses from old windows and doors. You’ll find great ideas via Google or on Pintrest.